Kent’s background includes more than twelve years of experience in radio, advertising, and voiceover as well as a B.A. in broadcasting. For the past fifteen years, he has been the proud owner of his own audio production company, Tone Tree Audio, LLC. These unique experiences give him the ability to narrate, record, and produce high-quality audio for distribution.

In addition, Kent utilizes his voiceover skills for local commercials and performing arts events. He continues to record, mix, and master music for local bands, along with editing audiobook projects for other narrators.

Kent was inspired to get into audiobook narration because his mother and grandmother were both afflicted with macular degeneration, which causes near blindness. Kent wants his family and others with similar afflictions to still be able to enjoy books, regardless of their sighted abilities.

When not narrating, Kent revels in the quiet beauty of Nebraska’s Platte River as well as the cornfields that surround him. These provide inspiration for his passion for writing and recording ambient music. He enjoys reading, listening to audiobooks, playing music, and telling stories with his wife and three children.

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