Our Process

Each Blue Balloon author works closely with an editor who guides them through the entire production process. Ultimately, we’re a service organization, and our authors hire us for our expertise and ability to create, market, and distribute a high-quality book that is available everywhere books are sold.

Our experts help with content, illustrations and design, production, distribution, and marketing & PR.

No one-size fits all here: We recognize that each project is unique; therefore, after an acquisitions editor consultation, we will create a custom publishing proposal based on author needs and goals.

Blue Balloon authors retain editorial control, all intellectual property rights, and the majority of royalties.

Our Team

Andy Symonds

President & Publisher

Lauren Green

Director of Author Services

Savannah Spidalieri

Director of Publishing

Kat Dixon

Acquisitions Editor

David Vasquez

Head of Accounting

Lindsey Dunn

Marketing & PR Manager

Emma Sherk

Publishing/Editorial Assistant

Beau Johnson

Acquisitions Team assistant

Faith Fiorile

Publishing Associate

Helene Webb

Distribution & PR Specialist

Kent Lutt

Audiobook Producer and Narrator

Camma Duhamell

Acquisitions Editor

Journey Mathewson

Assistant Production Editor

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