How is hybrid publishing different from traditional or self-publishing?

Blue Balloon’s hybrid model combines the quality and industry expertise of traditional publishing while enabling authors to retain control of the creative process, keep full rights over their intellectual property, and see greater profits on sales of their books.

Do I need an agent to work with Blue Balloon Books?

Our goal is to democratize the publishing industry for the benefit of all authors. You do not need an agent to submit your work to Blue Balloon Books. Simply reach out to get in touch with an acquisitions editor and begin discussing your book.

Why should I invest in my own book?

All authors invest in their books, no matter which publishing route they choose. Yes, you read that correctly. All authors. The key financial difference between hybrid publishing and traditional publishing is WHEN the author invests. The hybrid publishing model allows the author to make their investment up front by directly funding the publishing of their work and then reap the reward of 85 percent to 100 percent of royalties on every book sold for years to come.

When a traditional publisher makes the initial investment in production and distribution costs, the author pays in the form of giving up the majority of royalties—and the rights to their work—to the publisher for the entirety of the contract. Depending on the success of the book, what the author ends up “paying” the publisher in royalties may likely eclipse the publisher’s initial investment many times over. While the traditional option offers a low upfront risk, many authors are discovering it is simply not worth the potential profits they’re forfeiting in the long run.

How much will it cost to publish my book?

No two books are identical, and neither are their publishing proposals. Our acquisitions editors will review your work and schedule time to talk with you about your goals for publication. We’ll then create a publishing proposal of recommended services unique to your book.

How do royalties work?

With Blue Balloon Books, the author keeps almost all royalties, which are paid quarterly on all sales that have been rectified with distributors/retailers.

What services are available to me as an author?

Blue Balloon Books provides expertise in all aspects of the publishing process: editing, ghostwriting, curation, illustrations, design, layout, printing, marketing & PR, distribution, fulfillment, reporting, and sales.

Should my manuscript be completed before I contact Blue Balloon Books?

Authors come to us in all stages of the process. Whether you have just the beginnings of an idea or a fully written and professionally edited manuscript, we can help guide your book through production, retail distribution, and beyond.

How long does it take to publish a book?

Blue Balloon Books can get your book to market faster than a traditional publisher. However, we can take whatever pace works best for the author.

Who will own the rights to my work?

When you publish with Blue Balloon Books, you will own the rights to your work. Period.

Will my book be picked up by bookstores?

Your book should be available wherever books are sold, whether in physical stores or online. We work with large retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Costco, and Target, as well independent bookstores, specialty retailers, and even airport stores.

Will I be allowed to sell books myself?

Yes! In fact, we encourage independent sales. When our authors sell their books directly to customers, they keep 100 percent of the profit.

Can Blue Balloon Books make my book a bestseller?

No publisher can make your book a bestseller. Who makes your book a bestseller? You and your readers. But we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s ready for the list.

How much information about my book should I provide when submitting an inquiry to Blue Balloon Books?

The more we know about your book, the better prepared we’ll be to offer our guidance and expertise. When inquiring about our services, please provide a detailed summary of your book, whether it’s written or not. If you have started the writing process, be prepared to submit a sample of the work to an editor upon request. Don’t worry—your submitted ideas and writing are safe. We will never share or use any portion of your work without your consent.

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