What if I planted a kindness seed?

We, as humans, are connected, and everything we do has an impact. That’s the magic of kindness—one small act can have the power to change the world! That’s what Thump, Wiggle, Wiggle, Pop! is all about. This social emotional learning book inspires children to treat others with care and compassion to make the world a better place. After all, one seemingly small gesture can cause a ripple effect that makes a lasting positive difference.

About the Author:

Joy Evans is an elementary school teacher, musician, and composer who resides in Spokane, Washington, where the Pacific Northwest’s mountains, lakes, trails, and bike paths are her playground. Her mini teardrop trailer, lovingly named Daisy, tags along behind her 2015 Subaru each summer and adds a little “glamping” to the camping experience. Joy has traveled the world, touching down on all seven continents, but her greatest joy will always and forever be the six beautiful humans who call her mom. Although she does not yet have any grandchildren, she is an adoring grandmother to many grand-dogs!