The balloon fairies work hard in Fairy Land, making birthday traditions you’ll soon understand. They’re busy marking calendars with your special day to celebrate you the balloon fairy way.

Your birthday is already the best day of the year. With a little extra love and pizzazz from your balloon fairy, it becomes even more extraordinary! As your birthday approaches, your very own balloon fairy travels from Fairy Land to spend some quality time with you and track your kind treatment of others. When you fall asleep the night before your special day, you can be sure your balloon fairy will be hard at work creating a fun surprise for when you wake up.

The magic of the balloon fairy is for everyone! Learn more and make the balloon fairy tradition your own by scanning the QR code on the last page of the book. It’s a beloved tradition for the whole family to enjoy!

About the Authors:

Antonietta, a mom of three beautiful children, and Michelle, a mom of three rambunctious boys, were coworkers at a hair salon when they met and started a friendship twenty years ago. From the time Antonietta’s children were born, she wanted to do something special with them. Inspired by their obsession with balloons, she began the Balloon Fairy tradition. It came to be something they loved and looked forward to year after year! The idea caught on, and soon, many of Antonietta’s friends were starting the tradition with their own families. Michelle loved the idea as well, and together, she and Antonietta wrote The Balloon Fairy. They hope this ageless story brings as much joy and happiness to your families as it has to theirs!