When Jake the Teddy Bear’s family sets out on a move, an accident leaves Jake separated from everyone he knows with no clue how to find his way home.

With help from some new woodland friends, Jake embarks on a journey to make his way back to his family and into the arms of the little girl who loves him. Follow along as Jake learns just how far the kindness of strangers can take you in this heartwarming tale of friendship and adventure!

About the Author:

Author Debbie Klee has enjoyed crafting stories all her life. Originally from the Bay Area and having spent many years in South Tahoe, Debbie now resides in Carson City, Nevada, where its rich history and abundance of wildlife serve as inspiration for her writing. From a collection of antique teddy bears, to the wild horses who raise their young near her home, Debbie finds a story in everything she sees. When not writing, Debbie keeps her mind and body sharp through activities such as figure skating and teaching Pilates.