I can be your friend, you know. Take a moment—say hello!

Written by pediatric occupational therapist Kelly Gregory, Say Hello invites children of all abilities to overcome the barriers our differences create and lay the foundation for friendship with one simple word—hello!

In this delightful and engaging book, readers will meet a diverse cast of uniquely abled new friends and discover that the things that set us apart don’t need to keep us apart.

About the Author:

Kelly Gregory fell in love with the special needs population as well as children with unique differences as a teen. Inspired by her involvement in volunteer and childcare work early in life, she chose to pursue a career as a pediatric occupational therapist and now has nearly ten years of experience in her field. Kelly believes that all of God’s children are fearfully and wonderfully made and should be celebrated! Kelly is married to a fellow occupational therapist, Parker, and together they have two sons, Mason and Wes. When she is away from work, you can find her in the carpool line, chasing her boys from one sports field to the next, or playing tennis.