Should you save your allowance or spend it? Is it time to open your first bank account? Dive into the colorful pages of Pay Matters to Kids, where author David Weaver transforms complex ideas into fun and accessible lessons for young minds.

Derived from Weaver’s acclaimed work Pay Matters: The Art and Science of Employee Compensation, this children’s book brings economics to life through beautiful illustrations and relatable storytelling. Join the adventure as each page introduces foundational economic lessons, teaching children the value of earning, saving, and budgeting. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers will delight in sharing this educational journey, sparking a lifelong appreciation for financial literacy in their little ones.  

Pay Matters to Kids ensures that even the youngest members of society grasp the importance of money management and feel empowered to navigate the earning and spending world with confidence. 

About the Author:

David Weaver is the award-winning author of the bestselling business book Pay Matters: The Art and Science of Employee Compensation. He is the founder of the Compensation and HR Group, an instructor at the Compensation Analyst Academy, and the executive director of the Pay Matters Foundation, which is an independent and private nonprofit organization dedicated to providing people with knowledge about pay. For more information, David can be reached at