Oliver’s Extraordinary Friend tells the heartwarming tale of Oliver and his new friend, Gabriel. 

At first, Oliver feels uncertain about Gabriel’s differences that are caused by his autism, but soon he discovers the magic of their friendship. As they embark on adventures together, Oliver learns the power of love and kindness and comes to appreciate Gabriel’s unique perspective and talents.  

Through gentle storytelling and vibrant illustrations, author Andrea Mercier explores themes of empathy, acceptance, and the beauty of diversity, cultivating these important values in young readers. The discussion questions and helpful definitions she includes create a natural starting point for family conversations about autism.  

This delightful children’s book not only celebrates the bond between Oliver and Gabriel but also fosters understanding and compassion for children with autism. Oliver’s Extraordinary Friend is a touching reminder that our differences are what make us extraordinary and that true friendship knows no bounds.  

About the Author: 

Andrea Mercier’s story is one of advocacy, compassion, and inspiration. Already a military wife and minister, Andrea’s journey took an unexpected turn when she became an autism mom to her beautiful son, Gabriel. His extraordinary spirit spurred Andrea to pen Oliver’s Extraordinary Friend, her debut children’s book. Through her heartfelt storytelling, Andrea aims to bridge the gap between neurotypical and uniquely-abled children to foster understanding and acceptance. Her experiences as a speaker and advocate help her spread awareness and initiate vital conversations about autism within families and communities.