Here I am on a beautiful day in sunny Visalia, California, sitting in a crate at a pet store, hoping to be adopted. Meanwhile, other dogs are going home with their new moms and dads. They are lucky!

My Name Is Brandan is a touching story of a homeless pup discovering love and belonging—and, ultimately, his true identity! Inspired by the real-life adoption story of the dog himself, this sweet tale will charm readers of all ages with its colorful illustrations and entertaining narrative. Every dog deserves love—and you’re sure to love Brandan!

About the Author:

Barry Shein graduated from Northern Michigan University in 1971. He was a special education teacher from 1971 to 2008. An ardent Mets fan, Barry has lived in New York, Maryland, Florida, California, Arizona, and Idaho. Barry and his wife Nancy adopted Brandan in 2009 while living in California. Nancy was Barry’s biggest supporter, and it’s in her memory that Barry continues to share their adventures with Brandan.

About the Illustrator:

Karla Correa is a Boise-based illustrator who works primarily in digital and oil paintings. She uses her art to create engaging experiences through books, comics, games, and animation. Her work is inspired by books and games from her childhood in the early 2000s

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