BUZZ! goes the alarm clock. HONK! blares the car. MOO! says the cow. These are onomatopoeias, words that represent sounds.

Sounds are all around us, but they aren’t just things we can hear—we can write them too! Moo, Moo, Neigh—Here Comes the Day, comprising short rhyming stories and adorable illustrations, teaches children about onomatopoeias in the world around them, from life on the farm to work at the construction site. With help from pilots, animals, trains, and more, young readers will discover how to recognize onomatopoeias by putting words to the sounds they hear every day. Teachers and parents will love this approachable and fun guide to learning about words that imitate the sounds they describe!

About the Author:

Victoria Hudson is an award-winning television producer who grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Now, she lives in Olney, Maryland, with her husband and two boys and their Jack Russell terrier, Tucker.