“You did it!” Marvin said. “You found the hidden treasure at Mouse’s Tank!”

The first installment of what will be a fun and engaging series, The Adventures of Marvin and Friends captures an exciting outdoor adventure set in a state park. Featuring Marvin the truck, his friend Vannigan, and their three doggie pals—Scout the Jack Russell terrier and leader of the pack, Finn the golden retriever, and Finch the Brittany—this book teaches kids about the value of exploring nature and learning about their environment. 

The group sets up camp and observes the impressive Arch Rock and the beautiful desert sunset. As the dogs venture off on their own to investigate Mouse’s Tank, Vannigan encourages them to keep an eye out for some amazing things. Finally, the gang celebrates after the dogs discover the hidden treasure of the valley—petroglyphs! Author Rebecca Bodtke’s engaging storytelling offers an accessible narrative that is sure to make any child look forward to their next trip outdoors. 

About the author:

Rebecca Bodtke is a helicopter pilot in the Air Force who is currently stationed in Las Vegas, Nevada. She spends her free time camping with her dogs and friends and hopes that this book will inspire others to go outside and enjoy nature.