8”x10” hardcover, 24 pages

What’s that up there in that tree? It’s Stella the Mama Osprey!

You may be familiar with bluebirds, robins, and finches, but how much do you know about ospreys? Stella and her mate, Henry, are here to teach you about these stunning and capable birds! From diet and appearance to habits and behavior, there’s a lot to discover about these incredible birds. With a bird’s eye view, you can join Stella and Henry on a leisurely flight over the creek and around the yard to meet other animal friends—groundhog, owl, deer, and squirrels. Then, watch in wonder as Stella and Henry’s babies hatch, creating a loving family of four.

Stella the Mama Osprey is a must-read for any child. Filled with pleasing rhymes, whimsical illustrations, and fun facts about ospreys, this story is both entertaining and educational. Whether child or adult, be prepared to learn something new as you read this charming book!