Thinking about our day and new friends, I realized it just takes kindness to bring us all together.

Emmylou and Oliver are siblings who love to explore. Sometimes, their sense of adventure gets them into trouble! In The Magical Tales of Emmylou and Oliver: Street Cat for a Day, these curious cats rescue Murray the mouse from Parker the RV park cat. This sparks an unlikely friendship as the foursome experiences life on the wild side for the day. In the end, Emmylou and Oliver teach Parker and Murray the value of friendship and embrace the love they have for each other and for their friends and family. This is a fun-filled and heart-warming story that every child will want to read again and again!

Specs: 10” x 8” hardcover, 24 pages

About the Authors:

Tiffany Moore was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming and is the proud owner of Emmylou and Oliver. During the summer months, she and her spouse RV around the country with these wonderful felines. They have such grand adventures exploring that Tiffany wanted you to join in the fun through The Magical Tales of Emmylou and Oliver series!

Though currently residing in Southwest Florida, Roxane Stagg maintains deep ties to her childhood communities in Northern California and Maine’s North Woods. Roxane and Tiffany met during a Barre class in North Scottsdale, Arizona, and sparked an instant friendship. Now, Roxane and Tiffany are writing stories encompassing the treasured lessons their parents instilled in them through The Magical Tales of Emmylou and Oliver.