Moo! Neigh! Oink! I hear with my little ear . . . farm animals!

You’ve heard of “I Spy with My Little Eye.” Now it’s time to close your eyes, listen closely, and hear with your little ear! Written by Kelly McCormack, I Hear with My Little Ear encourages young readers to explore the world around them through sound. What will you hear as you turn the pages of this engaging story? A horse? A cow? A sheep? In I Hear with My Little Ear, you’ll catch a glimpse of all your favorite farm friends—but not before you hear their telltale noises! This children’s book is sure to become a classic tale that makes learning and practicing noises with your curious child easier and more fun than ever.

About the author:

Kelly McCormack was raised in Connecticut but moved around the country with her husband, Jim, who was in the navy. She has worked in healthcare for forty years and currently serves as a nurse practitioner in palliative medicine as well as the host of Medical Matters Podcast. Kelly enjoys spending time with her daughters, Jen and Corinne, and her five grandchildren.