Meet Hank, an ordinary boy living an ordinary life until a sudden new obsession upends his otherwise normal days. Hank’s room simply must be tidy. Confused by his newfound need for order, Hank wonders whether other kids feel the same—and what he should do with these feelings.

Through vibrant illustrations and empathetic storytelling, author Matt Page delicately explores the early manifestations of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in children. With warmth and understanding, Hank’s journey teaches young readers about acceptance, compassion, and the importance of supporting those who may be struggling. Happy Hank Straightens His Room offers a gentle approach to discussing mental health and encourages love and compassion in navigating these challenges. 

About the Author:

Matt Page, PhD, is an epidemiologist with interests in history, sociology, and mental health. This book was inspired by his own experience with OCD as a young boy and his long road to finding a therapeutic approach that ​​worked for him. A native of Pennsylvania who has traveled across the US and parts of the globe, Matt now lives with his family in Massachusetts. He is​ an avid reader who ​enjoys traveling in New England and ​​attending minor league baseball games. He is a soft pretzel aficionado and welcomes recommendations for future taste tests.