Harry was a werewolf—not a scary werewolf but, still, a werewolf. Most werewolves were scary, but not Harry. Harry was smart, curious, and funny. Did he want to be scary? Of course! But he just wasn’t.

Werewolves are supposed to be scary, but Harry isn’t scary at all! In fact, he’s much more likely to make you laugh than cause you to scream in terror. His brother, Larry, one of the scariest werewolves around, does his best to teach Harry how to frighten others, but it’s no use. As Halloween approaches and Harry still can’t scare a single person, he starts to reflect on his unique talents. He may not be scary, but he is smart, curious, and funny. How can Harry make the most of spooky season with his special skills? You’ll just have to read Halloween Harry: The Werewolf That Wasn’t Scary to find out!

About the Authors:

Larkin Campbell has been a working actor in Hollywood for twenty-five years. He has written and produced fifteen short films, written three screenplays, and been published in multiple parenting magazines. You can read all about his adventures in Hollywood in his book A View from the Middle: How an Unknown Actor Managed to Stay That Way, available on Amazon books or at larkinsworld.com.

Shea Campbell is an avid reader, dancer, and softball player. She is currently trying to finish the Harry Potter series. Her favorite Halloween candy is anything but Almond Joy, and she reserves the right to change costume ideas fifteen times before Halloween night. 

Beau Berkley is an illustrator based out of Brooklyn, NY. He has been drawing and painting since he could pick up a pencil. He graduated from Pratt Institute in New York City in 2014.