Lily had been counting down the days on her calendar for months. She dreamed of double the cake, double the laughter, and double the fun!

In The Girl with Two Birthdays, author Kerry Nagle introduces us to Lily, a special girl with a special birthday—leap day! She faces a dilemma, however, when she realizes that her birthday doesn’t fit into the conventional school calendar. Thankfully Lily has a thoughtful and caring mom, who offers a creative solution to her daughter’s predicament. Instead of celebrating just once, Lily experiences the joy of two birthday parties—one on February 28th and another on March 1st.

With accessible writing and entrancing illustrations, The Girl with Two Birthdays beautifully captures the essence of embracing individuality and finding creative ways to overcome challenges. Through Lily and her family’s story, young readers learn valuable lessons about uniqueness, adaptability, and the love that surrounds them. Lily’s two birthdays don’t just make her feel special; they also teach readers the importance of celebrating their own differences.

About the Author:

Kerry Nagle is herself a girl with two birthdays! Having been born on February 29, Kerry realized at a young age what a strange and special thing that is. Lacking a birthday that could be easily added to her class calendar caused little Kerry to go home from school in tears. Thankfully, her mother knew just what to do. Ever since, Kerry has celebrated two birthdays—one on February 28 and one on March 1. Then, when Leap Day rolls around, she has an extra special celebration on the 29th. Today, Kerry is a grown-up living with her husband and her golden retriever, Maverick, outside Denver, Colorado. She loves reminding all children just how loved and special they are.