The first night that one line transformed into two, my heart skipped a beat, then began beating for you.

Our children may grow out of the laps that they sit on and the arms that hold them, but they will never grow out of the place they have in our hearts. From the first night they lay on our chest, to the many other firsts of life, to long after they’ve grown up and left the nest, our hearts are always their homes, and they are forever our babies.

First Night depicts this cherished connection between mom and baby from one heart to the other. With soft, warm illustrations and a narrative capturing the beginning of pregnancy, the baby being born, the child growing up, and everything in between, this touching tale will deeply resonate with any mother and will remind every child that they are completely and unconditionally loved—as they were from their very first heartbeat.

About the author:

Sasha Saidman is a rainbow baby mom who resides with her loving and supportive husband and two precious children in the Washington, D.C. area. As a baby, she was adopted with an open adoption and is passionate about embracing families of all types and appearances.

Since Sasha is dyslexic and couldn’t read for a long time, she never thought she would become an author. For a while, she felt uncertain about what direction to take in life. However, she ultimately earned her GED after dropping out of high school, and with the support of her caring family, she proved to herself and the world that she is capable of anything—including publishing deeply resonant children’s books. She hopes to inspire others to overcome their doubts and pursue what brings them joy as well.

Today, Sasha always tries to enjoy what she’s doing, and if she doesn’t enjoy it, she changes it! That’s a lesson she hopes to teach others as well. She and her husband ride dirt bikes and motorcycles, and their toddler even rides too. Sasha also loves theater and the arts—and is, in fact, a talented artist. She currently has plants all over her house, as she’s trying her hand at becoming a gardener. Her family is her everything—the motivation behind it all!