These clothes, they will take you where you want to be…

Pip, the most stylish kid around, believes her adorable outfits have the power to transport her to chic, new places. Every time she falls asleep in her stroller, she wakes up to find herself somewhere else in New York City! Are the clothes really magic? Or is she just taking a nap and waking up somewhere new? With each change of clothes and change of scenery, Pip learns that anything is possible when you dress up.

With Dressing Up: Pip’s Truly Fashionable Tale, celebrity stylist Samantha Brown makes her debut as an author, inspiring children to be imaginative, express themselves, and always find the magic in dressing up. This confidence-building story teaches children that when you dress your best, you can achieve it all. With stunning illustrations showcasing the illustrious fashion scene of New York City, there is no better book for anyone—child or adult—with excellent taste.

About the Author:

Samantha Brown is a world-renowned professional and celebrity stylist who works with her clients to refine and elevate their personal style.

She resides in New York with her husband, Joel, and their daughter, Phoenix—aka “Pip.” She wrote this book for Pip and for all children who feel the magic when dressing up!

For more on Samantha’s Styling Work, please visit and follow her @samanthabrownstyle.