Corky is no ordinary dog. And Matthew is no ordinary boy. Their mutual affection and acceptance will inspire us all.

Matthew is a boy who loves animals more than anything. Almost every day, he begs his parents for a dog and is always met with the same response: “Not until we move out of the city.” So, Matthew waits patiently for his family to move.

When they finally leave San Francisco, Matthew is delighted to hear his parents tell him, “Yes, we can get a dog!” At the shelter, Matthew meets Corky, a dog he adores, a dog that truly belongs with Matthew, a dog who will change his life.

This playful and heartfelt story reminds readers of the bond between a child and their first pet and emphasizes the value of accepting all creatures for who they are.

About the Author

Ronald Arne Saetermoe enjoyed a wondrous childhood with many extraordinary adventures. His good friends and the adventures they shared inspire his writing.