I am the light you feel but cannot see. I’m your sun in the sky as the birds roam free.

The loss of a child is devastating, no matter the circumstances. Bereaved parents are showered with comfort and support, but what about siblings left behind? Written by a loving mother who endured the loss of her own daughter, Another Bright Day is a poignant children’s poem for grieving parents and siblings. Conveying themes of love, hope, and connection, this beautiful and compelling story allows families to imagine what life would be like if the child were still there.

The ones we love are never truly gone, even when they leave this world. They remain with us in our hearts and minds, and Another Bright Day eloquently captures the lingering spirit of a child who lives on through the love of her surviving family.

About the Author:

Nicole Anderson grew up in Washington state and later attained a bachelor’s degree in psychology. After graduating, she became certified as a personal trainer and further extended her knowledge by studying to become a flexologist, all in pursuit of her passion for helping others. Nicole’s inspiration for Another Bright Day came a few years after her daughter Clara passed away from hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Her goal is to bring peace and comfort to grieving families and siblings who have lost a brother or sister. Nicole’s faith in Jesus is the biggest part of her life; it has shaped her into who she is now and guided her through her journey with grief. Nicole currently resides in northern Alabama with her husband and two children.