Whether big or small, predator or prey, colorful or drab, every single fish plays an important role. All fish are awesome!

This entertaining and educational book introduces numerous types of fish—the well-known, the misunderstood, the pretty, the ugly, and everything in between. Rather than judge a creature based on its appearance, All Fish Are Awesome encourages young readers to appreciate each fish for its own unique qualities and importance in the ecosystem. From freshwater to saltwater, there are oodles of underwater animals with amazing abilities! Read along as outdoor expert Noel Vick details the distinctive lines of a walleye and the hundreds of teeth on a great white shark. All fish are awesome, and this book rightfully proves it!

About the author:

Noel Vick grew up fishing in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and now wets lines near his home in coastal Texas, where he co-owns a public relations company that focuses on fishing. A widely published fishing expert, he has a special interest in conservation and aquatic ecosystems. He has owned a fishing publication and fished throughout North and Central America, and he loves sharing his expertise with new anglers, especially kids. This is the first in a series of books that will extol the “awesomeness” of every living creature, big or small.