Artist Emily “EMYO” Ozier is best known for her lively and colorful impressionist artwork. In her highly anticipated debut children’s book Marisol’s Dress, EMYO’s expressive art helps tell the timely and timeless story of her family’s emigration from Russia to America during the Cuban Revolution, one that she hopes will instill sentiments of courage and creativity in readers of any age.

“When life gives you lemons, make paper dolls.”

In the midst of a revolution, young Marisol is forced to flee the life she knows and loves in vibrant Cuba, leaving her parents and most of her treasured belongings behind. With just one doll and her favorite white dress, Marisol struggles to adapt to life in America. But Marisol soon realizes that what she didn’t leave behind is her powerful confidence and ingenuity. Marisol finds comfort in the face of hardship in the form of creativity, filling her once empty room with colorful paper dolls.

Inspired by the lemon artwork throughout the pages of the book, those who pre-order Marisol’s Dress through EMYO’s website will receive a complimentary “Squeeze the Day” PDF, which outlines a curated collection of delicious Cuban recipes and child-friendly lemon projects for readers to host their own Cuban-inspired and lemon-themed parties. Readers can also opt for a book and print combo, which includes a copy of Marisol’s Dress, along with an 8” x 8” limited-edition lemon print (signed and numbered), available exclusively with the book’s pre-orders.

Pre-sales for Marisol’s Dress are available on EMYO’s website. Marisol’s Dress will be available everywhere books are sold on Nov. 22, 2022.

About the Author:

EMYO lives and creates alongside her husband and six children on a grassy piece of land in Tennessee. Her art is featured in galleries across the country, all the way from Palm Beach to Portland, Maine and is collected far and wide. Her paintings are layered with inspiration from her Cuban heritage and impressionist training, as well as the love, laughter, and gratitude that fillers her home. Check out her artwork on her website or on Instagram.

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