Prepare Your Children for a New School Year with Frustrated Fred

Make the back-to-school transition as smooth as possible for your children with the help of Frustrated Fred!

It’s officially August, and that means one thing for families everywhere: back to school! Parents may be sighing in relief at the thought of sending their kids back to school, but the major change of routine is sure to cause disruption and stress for the children. As a result, they may find themselves frustrated—with being in a new environment, with interacting with different children, with having a more structured schedule, etc. How can you help the kids in your life manage this frustration? With recently released book Frustrated Fred!

Authored by licensed behavior analyst Ashley Mack, Frustrated Fred provides key strategies kids can use to cope with negative emotions, from taking deep breaths to going on a walk to finding a distraction. The idea is to validate feelings of anger and frustration while giving children the tools to manage them in a healthy way. That’s sure to come in handy at the beginning of a new school year—and all the time!

Frustrated Fred (and the upcoming series) is intended to help little ones identify and deal with sometimes tricky emotions in simple, fun ways while acknowledging that we all feel this way sometimes,” author Ashley Mack explains. “My focus is intended to be on normalizing sometimes less-than-fun emotions so children are better equipped to manage their feelings.”

This is also an excellent opportunity to get your kiddos back into the groove of reading. Summertime is often so busy that books aren’t as much of a focus for the family. With Frustrated Fred, you can reignite your children’s love of reading, all while teaching them important lessons about how to understand and manage their emotions.

One educator shared resounding praise for Frustrated Fred: “As a special education teacher of students on the autism spectrum, I am always looking for books to help teach about our emotions. This book tells what the emotion feels like, what it looks like, and how to process that specific emotion! The text is direct and simple for young children to understand. The illustrations are so interesting and attention grabbing! I cannot wait to share these stories with my students! They are going to be an amazing resource to have in my classroom!”

“With a new school year comes a lot of different emotions,” Ashley Mack notes. “Let Frustrated Fred help get your little ones through the back-to-school transition a little easier!”

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