Distributing Your Book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and More: How Publishers Sell Books

Part of the dream of becoming an author is imagining yourself walking into your local bookstore and seeing your...
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Meet Beau Johnson, Ballast Books Acquisitions Assistant and Your First Point of Contact

Beau Johnson is our acquisitions team assistant. Having joined us as an intern while finishing up her studies at San Francisco State University, Beau stayed...
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Production Editor Journey Mathewson Helps Get Your Book Ready to Publish

Journey Mathewson joined the team recently as a production editor while wrapping up her studies in publishing and journalism at Belmont University. As a production editor, many authors will be familiar with Journey...
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Your Ballast Books Editing Team: Meet Emma Sherk

Emma Sherk is a production and editorial assistant on the Ballast team who has the pleasure of working on everything from heavy-hitting memoirs...
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Employee Spotlight: Ballast’s Director of Publishing, Savannah Spidalieri

When it comes to publishing, there’s one person at Ballast who is always ready to jump in and make things happen—and that’s Savannah Spidalieri.
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