Meet Lauren Green, Ballast Books Acquisitions Editor

If you’re a Ballast or Blue Balloon Books author, chances are that you have crossed paths with Lauren Green.
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How to Utilize Newswires When Marketing Your Book

If a tree falls in a forest and its wood is used to make paper for a book that no one knows is available, do the pages make a sound?...
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Meet Faith Fiorile, Ballast Books Publishing Associate!

Faith Fiorile joined the Ballast family as publishing associate earlier this year. Following a life-long love...
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Promoting Your Book Before Launch: A Guide for Eager Authors

The day has come–your book is complete. After months or even years of hard work writing and editing...
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Holiday Gift Guide for Young Book Lovers and Parents

The holidays are arriving, and that means picking out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, from eager little ones to teachers and first-time parents.
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