Bachelor Nation’s Peter Weber Serves as First Officer on His Father’s Final Flight

Bachelor Nation’s Peter Weber, pilot and children’s book author, recently fulfilled a long-held dream: He flew second-in-command to his father, Peter Weber Sr., a now-retired United Airlines pilot.
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Back-To-School Book Rec: Frustrated Fred

Make the back-to-school transition as smooth as possible for your children with the help of Frustrated Fred!
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Dear Mousse Playfully Introduces Homophones to Young Readers

For most parents and educators, teaching a child how to read is a bit like helping them crack a secret code. For every word, the young reader needs to be able to recognize each letter, remember the sounds each letter makes, put the sounds together to pronounce the whole word, and understand the meaning of the word.
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Embattled Green Beret's Wife Pens Inspirational Children's Book

Written for kids and inspired by adults, Julie Golsteyn’s new children’s book highlights the importance of standing up for what’s right, even when it isn’t easy.
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Impressionist Artist EMYO Announces Debut Children’s Book Pre-Sales

Artist Emily “EMYO” Ozier is best known for her lively and colorful impressionist artwork. In her highly anticipated debut children’s book Marisol’s Dress, EMYO’s expressive art helps tell the timely and timeless story of her family’s emigration from Russia to America during the Cuban Revolution, one that she hopes will instill sentiments of courage and creativity in readers of any age.
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