Robyn Polansky Morrison is the founder and lead principal of MORR Strategy, a financial and economic advisory firm committed to hands-on solutions for individuals, families, and institutions. Robyn is also the co-founder and CEO of Jewish Women INVEST, a learning program focused on the intersection of values and investing. In addition, Robyn serves as a venture partner at Rebalance Capital and an adjunct professor in investment principles at Touro College.

Robyn began her career and spent over two decades working in venture economics, portfolio management, and wealth management. As a passionate advocate of mission-driven causes, Robyn is engaged in numerous philanthropic activities, serving on several boards and committees furthering social good.

When she is not waxing on about aligning money and meaning, she can be found adventuring with her husband David, son Myles, and daughter Wren; connecting with friends around the world; and following New York Yankees baseball. Clearly, Robyn has had a range of chapters in her career, and becoming an author is the latest excitement in her life’s story!

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