Patrice Meyers lives with her three large dogs in Fallbrook, California, a small rural community north of San Diego. She has worked in the field of journalism as a news reporter, feature writer, and magazine editor. A native of Southern California, she loves the ocean, photography, and traveling. She is sincere in her concern for the environment, water quality, deforestation, habitat destruction, and endangered wildlife. She wrote Samson the Frog for her two boys and to help save the frogs. She has a genuine desire to inform, influence, and entertain. “Many kids today never have an opportunity to see, hear, or touch a frog, yet their fascination with the creatures is spontaneous. I hope this book will inspire both children and their parents to be aware of frogs and other endangered wildlife and find ways to help them. They have as much right to exist on this planet as we do. By saving them, we are saving ourselves and the planet. Critters everywhere need our protection.”

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Samson the Frog


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