“I have always wanted to write children's books. When I decided to publish my first book, I contacted Blue Balloon Books. They have really made the process so enjoyable. They are very professional, set up meetings when needed, return emails immediately, and have all the resources necessary to develop, illustrate, publish, and distribute a book. For a children’s book, the illustrations are so important. I had endless illustrators to choose from and feel that the illustrator that I went with is beyond talented…I have been given every advantage available to publish and distribute the best version of my book.”

-Lisa Crim

Author of Stella the Mama Osprey

“From the onset, I was made to feel like family. Editor Savannah Spidalieri guided me every step of the publishing way, answering any questions and handling all of my concerns. She made the process seamless! My book, Jeb on the Farm, was brought to life for all to enjoy thanks to her! I’m forever grateful! I’m so pleased to have partnered with Blue Balloon Books for this endeavor. The whole experience has been a blessing!”

-Larry Dupkin

Author of Jeb on the Farm

“It has been a joy working with Blue Balloon Books. With every step of the process, the communication has been quick, clear, professional, and encouraging. Hybrid publishing has allowed me to bring my ideas to life and create the book of my dreams.”

-Kristie Arendale

Author of Top Notch

“Working with Blue Balloon Books has made my dream of publishing a book a reality. From start to finish, the process was smooth, and everyone I worked with was very eager to help. I chose Blue Balloon Books because they took a personal interest in my project from the very beginning, and that made me feel very comfortable and know that I was in very reliable hands.”

-Kimberly Black

Author of Hernandez Finds a Friend

“I am so happy with the quality of the book that Blue Balloon Books published as well as the guidance and support they provided along the way. They were responsive and knowledgeable about all of my questions. I would highly recommend them to authors that want to make sure their creative ideas are brought to fruition.”

-Kevin Smith

Author of Yucky!

“Working with Blue Balloon Books has been such a seamless process. The communication I received from everyone I worked with has been impeccable! They really listened to the vision I had for my book and worked hand in hand with me to bring my story to life. My book has turned out better than I could have imagined—and I thank Blue Balloon Books for that."

-Kolbi Trebbien

Author of The Tracks on the Excavator

“I had this dream—a bucket list item, if you will—about becoming an author. Understanding how the big publishing companies work, I didn’t think it would come true. After seeing that Blue Balloon Books was searching for new stories, I couldn’t pass it up! Working with Savannah and the whole team at Blue Balloon that has made this come true was so smooth and easy! They work with your time frame and ideas so that your personal vision can be a reality."

-Ellen Curry

Author of Mr. Cumberbun Has Lost His Song

“I found Blue Balloon Books through a lot of research. They met key criteria for publishing my very first book ever. As soon as I met Kat and Kayleigh, I knew it would be an all-star team. This positive feeling continued as I met more of my team: Lindsey and Helene. I had a very tall ask.... October discussions would turn into a published book prior to Leap Day. The team worked very hard to set my expectations, share the project timeline with key milestones/deadlines, and outline how we could get this done. They were encouraging, positive, empathic and knowledgeable. They were also extremely patient with me as I asked a thousand questions, sent a lot of emails, and interacted with them from a COO point of view (i.e., a pain in the you-know-what type of customer). When my personally procured illustrator backed out at the very last minute, they rallied to find an amazing illustrator – and we met all the deadlines! I truly felt that they understood my frustration and anxiety.

THANK YOU to this group of talented individuals who worked together seamlessly as a team. Not only did we get the book out by Leap Day, but it hit the #1 spot on new releases on Amazon and continues to sell even past Leap Day."

-Kerry Nagle

Author of The Girl with Two Birthdays

“It was such a great experience working with Blue Balloon! I was a first-time author and needed a lot of guidance and support. Lauren Green, Kayleigh Rucinski, and the rest of their team helped me through it all—the editing, the illustrations, and all the steps needed to understand all the work that goes into getting your book on those shelves! I am so thrilled with my book and cannot say enough about the quality and attention to detail that Blue Balloon provided me as a beginning author. I look forward to more exciting titles with them in the future.”

-Mary Beth Turchick

Author of Under the Hydrangea

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